The Line   Of Durin Is  Deceased

So if you're here looking for tumblr user durindwarf, or more personally, eri, I'm sorry to say he isn't here. Meaning me. I'm not here. Due to recent events far out of my control I felt the need to delete my previous blog. I kept this url only so I could make this page and let all of you know that I'm going to miss you terribly and I wish I had another option. Unfortunately, the task of maintaining a blog I no longer felt any desire to maintain got the better of me, along with some personal drama that I won't go into here. Needless to say, I've moved on and I hope you all will move on as well. I know it's hard, I'm pretty amazing. This doesn't sound like me at all. It's so formal and sticky. But I wanted to keep this more formal because... I guess I don't really have a great reason? It seems less personal and maybe I won't cry again if I don't type like me. If I can pretend I'm not saying goodbye to the people who helped shape me. If I'm not bidding a fond farewell to the people who forged ships with me, the people who aided me in the darkest times, the people who made me laugh when I could barely get up the energy to smile. The people who were here doing the same old things no matter how scary and unpredictable life got. This would be a lot more painful if I typed how I really feel and I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry the days of ayy lmao are gone. I'm sorry memes have no place here except this one. One does not simply say goodbye to an entire year of their life. I'll still think about you all and I hope you'll think about me too. Goodbye. Love, eri.